Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2: Mohit Kumar & Kanikka Kapur Give Us The Lowdown About The Show!

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2: Mohit Kumar & Kanikka Kapur Give Us The Lowdown About The Show!

The first season of Sony TV’s show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste starring Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta received immense popularity amongst the audience and left them waiting with bated breath for Season 2.

Mohit Kumar and Kanikka Kapur will play the role of Shravan and Suman in the second season and from the promos, the fans are already loving their on-screen chemistry. The show is set in an army backdrop and premieres on 10th February

In an exclusive conversation, Mohit and Kanikka spoke to us about their experience of shooting in Bhopal, their preparations for the character and much more…

First of all, the shoot is in a different location, it’s not in Filmcity or Mumbai but Bhopal. How was the experience?

Kanikka: We are actually glad that we are shooting in Bhopal because for both of us it’s like a getaway.

Mohit: Everything is different here.

What kind of preparation/s has gone behind your respective characters?

Kanikka: Both of us had to be physically fit. We needed to know how to march, salute. If you have seen the promo, we are doing things like one hand push-ups, crawling and jumping which is not easy, you have to be really fit for that.

Mohit: For my character, everything comes easy because I am shown from a civilian family while she is from an army background. My dad is a businessman and mom, a housewife, so I am a pampered child. But yes, I have lost a little weight for the show.

What newness are you guys bringing in to the table?

Kanikka: Everything is new. This is our first TV show. Our characters are little similar from the first season but it’s a different story altogether.

Mohit: We are giving our 100 percent so that people would forget about comparing. It is very different from the first show. We have an army backdrop and school life too.

How was the response for the promos?

Kanikka: The response for the promo was amazing, it was more than what we expected. About the comparison, I mean, you can’t really stop the world from comparing and they have a right to compare since it’s season 2. All we know is that we are putting in our best.

Mohit: Actually I felt nice when people were commenting on my Instagram posts that we want Namik back, we want Nikita back. I was happy because then in the morning I used to think like I want to do well now. It motivates us. If people are comparing, then you start giving your best as you cannot under-perform.

Are you guys feeling homesick?

Kanikka: When I was in Bombay, I used to go back to Delhi at the drop of the hat. Now, because you are shooting everyday, you can’t go back. Yes, it does get a little homesick at times but luckily we have such good people on sets, they have kind of become a family for all us.

Are you excited for the show?

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