Fans rejoice as Kartik and Naira aka Sirat finally meet post the leap

Fans rejoice as Kartik and Naira aka Sirat finally meet post the leap

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Fans miss Kartik and Naira’s chemistry but rejoice as they will see Mohsin and Shivangi together again.

Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi are among the most loved on-screen couples. The duo has a massive fan following and is loved by one and all.

Their characters of Kartik and Naira have become household names, and the stars are often recognized by these names.

In fact, their chemistry is one of the prime reasons behind Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s soaring popularity.

These days, the track of the serial is very emotional as Naira is dead. Kartik is broken but still, he is managing to live for his kids.

The fans are a little disappointed because Naira’s character has said goodbye to the show and they are going to miss the chemistry of Kartik and Naira.

But Sirat has now entered the show. She is a boxer and will soon be meeting Kartik.

The two characters have a lot of fan clubs. One of them shared a video of Kartik and Sirat meeting, and fans can’t control their excitement as they would see Shivangi and Mohsin together on screen.

In the video, Sirat and Kartik are in wedding attire, and everyone has come to welcome them.

But in the video, Sirat looks upset and sad. Fans have started to speculate that the two might be getting married on screen for the sake of Kairav.

The fans say they feel mixed emotions, as they are happy to see Moshin and Shivangi together, but miss Kartik and Naira’s chemistry.

Well, with time, fans might start liking Sirat and Kartik’s chemistry.

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