Happy Birthday Surbhi Chandna: 5 reasons that make the Naagin 5 actress our favourite girl next door

Happy Birthday Surbhi Chandna: 5 reasons that make the Naagin 5 actress our favourite girl next door

Surbhi Chandna has turned a year older today and well, there is no doubting just how much fans love her. We thought we’ll write something down about just how she is someone everyone might relate to.

Surbhi Chandna has turned a year older today and the birthday celebrations for the Ishqbaaaz actress kickstarted last night. She shared some photos on her social media account and well, fans have been in absolute awe of her after all. Her day started with a decorated vanity van on the sets of Naagin 5 and she also gave her fans a glimpse of the same.

As a celebration of the actress, we thought we would simply pen down all the reasons that might actually make her relatable for us all, and for the right reasons. More like, if one comes to think of it, she is that perfect relatable girl next door, with the finest of conversations and all things nice!

So, let’s have a look at why we say what we say:

Her love for food

Surbhi is an absolute foodie and well, who doesn’t love food after all? She has expressed her fondness for all sorts of munchies on multiple occasions and also received some as birthday gifts. We love her for not always coming across as an actress who doesn’t eat what she loves, in order to stay fit.

Always complaining about losing weight

No matter how thin, much like most of us, Surbhi keeps saying how she wants to become thinner and complain about her weight. And well, she does her workouts and eats healthy when needed, because work needs it too, but she has also proven how she is also only human and indulged into her cravings nonetheless!

Loves to dress up and click photos

Everyone might agree to just how much they miss getting ready because it was a part of our routine. Even if we decided to go to work homeless one day, it was our choice, but right now, most of us our home. However, that did not stop Surbhi from getting ready to go nowhere, and well, she is our spirit animal for that.

An absolute goof ball

For anyone who knows her or has met her, would know just how much she is fun to be around and she can switch between seriousness and humour within seconds – something that makes her as lovable as well. Her social media too, is proof of just how much she enjoys having fun and fooling around when the time is right!

A total diva

Well, this one goes without saying and it is true after all. Surbhi is the life of a party and all of the above reasons are just some of the things that make her that and a lot more. She lives life queen size and so far, she has been doing great at it, for herself and her fans!

Here’s wishing the actress a very happy birthday!

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