I count ‘Imlie’ as a blessing to me: Vishwa Gulati aka Kunal Chauhan

I count ‘Imlie’ as a blessing to me: Vishwa Gulati aka Kunal Chauhan

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We got in touch with Vishwa Gulati aka Kunal Chauhan of Imlie and in a brief chat with, Vishwa opened up on his background, bagging the show, bond with actors and much more.

Star Plus show Imlie has been faring well on the BARC charts and has been a widely viewed show since the time it started airing on television. The show is produced by Karishma Jain and Gul Khan and has a stellar star cast including Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gasmeer Mahajani, Mayuri Deshmukh, Ritu Chaudhary among others.

The current track of the show revolves around Malini and Kunal’s growing friendship while the family tries to re-unite Pallavi and Nishant.

We got in touch with the new actor on board for Imlie named Vishwa Gulati. Vishwa plays the character of Barrister Kunal Chauhan in the show. He is paired opposite Mayuri Deshmukh aka Malini. In a candid chat with him, we asked him about his background, he said, “I’m born and bought up in Delhi. I was quite involved in the theatre sphere. I did theatre for around ten years. Meanwhile, I realized that the remunerations as a theatre actor is quite minimal and to make ends meet, I started teaching in a private school in Delhi. Simultaneously, I kept learning the art of acting in Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts. When I decided to go to Mumbai, I gave myself five years of time to analyze my growth. Within a span of three years, I bagged meaty roles and the actor in me sufficed to continue here and try my luck in TV shows and web series”.

On bagging the show, Vishwa said, “I’ve had been giving my auditions for Four Lions Pvt. Ltd for almost three years and nothing worked out. In the pandemic, when I received a call to play KC, I was blessed and I felt like the universe is in my favor. I consider the show as a blessing”.

Talking about the bond that he shares with the actors of Imlie, Vishwa added, “Honestly, I was quite nervous as you know when a new entrant joins the cast, he/she feels intimidated and find it difficult to fit in among the rest who’re already familiar with each other. However, the cast and crew welcomed me with open arms. They are quite co-operative and that’s the reason why I was able to instantly break the ice and come out of the shell. They made me feel wanted and welcomed as they would specially give me a call for birthday celebrations”.

Vishwa further added, “I remember sharing a meal with Gashmeer (Aditya) while we sat together on a same table. It was my initial days. Gashmeer finished his food but gave me the company until I finish mine. That speaks a lot about the kind of person that he is. Seriously, the show has been a blessing to me”.

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