Surbhi Chandna is my CRUSH: Utkarsh Gupta of Naagin 5

Surbhi Chandna is my CRUSH: Utkarsh Gupta of Naagin 5

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Utkarsh Gupta opens up about his bond with Naagin 5 actors.

Earlier in the day, we had reported about the upcoming track of the show, according to which, Veer will set Bani free from his clutches.

Actors of Naagin 5 bond like a house on fire. The pictures that they share on social media radiate so much love and warmth that the audiences keep asking for more behind the scenes glimpses.

We got in touch with actor Utkarsh Gupta who plays the role of Ponky in the show.

Talking about his bond with the cast, he said, “I’m really fond of Surbhi Chandna (Bani). She radiates positive vibes and carries unmatchable energy that can never let anyone on the set sulk. I’ve learned a lot from her.”

He added, “Even after being so successful, she is so grounded. It only inspires me to become a better version of myself. Apart from all this, I believe she is drop-dead gorgeous. I kind of have a crush on her.”

Speaking about his bond with other actors, Utkarsh said, “Parag (Tyagi) bhai and I also share a lovely bond. I feel like he has adopted me. Even Sharad (Malhotra) bhai treats me as a younger brother. We bond like a family on the sets of Naagin 5.”

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