Udaariyan Latest Gossip: Gurpreet Virk aka Gurvinder Gauri of ‘Udaariyaan’ opens up on recreating K3G scene

Udaariyan Latest Gossip: Gurpreet Virk aka Gurvinder Gauri of ‘Udaariyaan’ opens up on recreating K3G scene

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Udaariyan Latest Gossip: Gurvinder Gauri who plays the character of Gurpreet Virk in Colors’ show ‘Udaariyaan’ opens up on re-creating a scene from K3G along with actor Ankit Gupta aka Fateh.

Colors show ‘Udaariyaan‘ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. After a long gap, Fateh and Tejo decided to get back to Moga respectively. Tejo reunited with Sandhu’s and they were elated to have her back given the fact that she is quite loved in the family. Meanwhile, Fateh and his mother Gurpreet’s reunion grabbed many eye balls.

Remember the popular scene from the movie ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham’ wherein Jaya Bachchan senses the arrival of her son Rahul and before he steps into the house, she gets gitters as she walk towards the door and then they finally meet? The scene was closely recreated between Fateh and Gurpreet in ‘Udaariyaan‘.

We got in touch with Gurvinder Gauri who plays the character of Gurpreet in the show and asked her about her thoughts on the scene.

Udaariyan Latest Gossip: The actress said, “Well, I always tend to ask the production people to give me the entire screenplay and not just the script of my scene. It’s kind of my homework that I do to perform better. Reading screenplay helps me know the entire scenario and then I act accordingly. When I read the scene, it was written differently but when we went on the floor, there were changes in the scene. The Director narrated the same and I felt that it’s quite similar to what we have scene in K3G and I told him the same, the Director told me that although the scene is similar, the emotions are different. I got convinced and performed accordingly”.

Talking about the feedback that she received post the scene, she added, “The scene really touched the hearts of the viewers and I’ve been getting many messages from fans who enjoyed Fateh- Gurpreet’s reunion. One message that really moved me was from a boy. Generally, when it comes to daily soaps, females are more into it and mostly it’s the female crowd that’s quite vocal on social media regarding their favorite shows. Hence, receiving a message from a boy, in itself talks volumes about the impact of the show. He told me that he feels that I’m his mother and he is Fateh. He expressed his emotions beautifully in a message and that feedback is really close to my heart”.

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