Wait WHAAT?? Miraj planning to KILL Kabir in Ishq Subhan Allah?

Wait WHAAT?? Miraj planning to KILL Kabir in Ishq Subhan Allah?

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Well, that’s what he says to Zara.

Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah finally telecast its turning point wherein Zara (Eisha Singh) finally comes to know of Miraj (Gautam Vig) being the real villain amidst her and Kabir’s (Adnan Khan) divorce.

It can be recalled that Miraj holds the duo responsible for his brother Siraj’s death and wants to see them suffer. He however starts to get attracted and obsessed with Zara and on seeing the opportunity, he decides to separate the couple for his revengeful gains.

In the upcoming episodes, we’ll see Miraj unfold his entire truth in front of Zara (not about him being Siraj’s brother) as to how he was the one responsible for influencing Kabir to go ahead and divorce his wife. He also tells Zara that if she wants Kabir’s well-being, she will have to become his puppet and do as he says.

Moving on, Miraj threatens Zara that he will kill Kabir if she does not compel him to divorce her (Zara), owing to which the audience will see Zara constantly disrespect Kabir and taunt him so that he begins to hate her and also loses any inclination to get back with her again.

Miraj also reveals to Zara about how he’d tried to kill Kabir before, but Rukhsar foiled his attempts by intoxicating Kabir to spend a night with him.

He also intimidates Zara that if she does not convince Kabir to divorce her, he will trap Kabir in various cases and scams as he (Miraj) is only funding the project, but the documentation is under Kabir’s name.

Miraj advices Zara to ill-treat Kabir so much that he does not think twice before giving her the second talaq’ and this leaves Zara petrified and worried. On the other hand, Zara faces defeat when Nilofer (Nisha Nagpal) agrees to marry Imran (Aashu Semwal).

How will Zara sort out her life now?

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