When actor Nishant Malkani was surprised by his friends

When actor Nishant Malkani was surprised by his friends

Nishant Malkani, who recently bid adieu to ‘Guddan Tumse Na Payega’, celebrated his birthday with the cast of the show. Kanika Mann and Dalljiet Kaur arranged a special surprise for him. Nishant, whose birthday was on 1st September, says,”It was a nice surprise from Kanika and Dalljiet. I was told there will be only two of them but when I reached I saw an entire home party set where couple of my neighbours and common friends were also invited. It was a sweet surprise and executed behind my back. Kanika planned it and Dalljiet helped her.”

What will be your birthday wishes this year? “Mental peace – that’s what I am looking for and also happiness. Most of the time the problems come from our own expectations which sometimes is not fulfilled. Whenever I pray, I ask for peace and happiness. The whole feeling of being with the people who matter to you on your special day is a great feeling. That’s what birthday is all about. I sometimes feel it is just a regular day of a year, but it becomes special when close people come to you on your birthday.”

How do you see the age factor in birthdays? “My mom used to say during my childhood when men turn 35 they look best in their life. When I look at Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan so many actors they have been looking best post 35. The aura is completely different at this age. I also get this compliment from my close friends and family. I have turned 33 and waiting to be 35 to see if my mother’s saying is right or not.”

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